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Itchy feet?

Whether you're a creative who never gets to be, an account manager yearning for the director's chair, a media buyer with strategy in your veins, or you just want a change of scenery.

We know how you feel.

We were rubbing our tootsies raw for ages until we finally took the plunge and started Rum Rebellion Recruitment & HR a few years ago. Since then we've helped plenty of people satisfy their various itches.

It doesn't matter if you work above, below, or through the line (we usually colour outside them anyway). We're confident that with over 15 years experience in the advertising and recruitment industries, we can meet almost any challenge.

But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. If you're a creative, digital genius, an account exec, manager or director, a marketing manager, or a media buyer with a tickle between the toes and at least 3 years experience – we want to meet you.

To join the rebellion email your resume (and book if you’re a creative) to

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